I started this blog under the direction of Ruach HaKodes (the Holy Spirit) in order to expose the works of the kingdom of darkness, led by the devil or haSatan. In this blog I will discuss the different revelations the Lord has poured out into my spirit and teach how it pertains to G-d’s written word (logos) along with G-d’s spoken word (rhema). There will be information ranging from how to properly celebrate the feasts of the Bible (if you so choose) to how the kingdom of darkness is subtly conditioning us for the revealing of the AntiChrist. Remember, there is a spirit behind everything and with that spirit is an agenda…

Feel free to email tldm1019@gmail.com if there are any personal things you would like to discuss that you don’t desire to share on the page. Also, if you would like to join this ministry, you may also contact the above email. Thank you and have a very blessed day!

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